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Lotus Villa Development Group


Lotus Villas Hua Hin Group was establish in 2000, the group covers a wide range of business:

  • 2002: The group has opened the first pool villa development In Hua Hin, Crystal View residence in three phases.  Crystal View  I – Crystal View II – Crystal View  III ,
    • total of 50 luxury Villas in Soi 116, one of the most exclusive residences today in Hua Hin
  • 2003: The group started Hua Hin Today (the only local English newspaper in Hua Hin), and it continues to be the most popular and reliable source of news in our area.
    • The newspaper is also very strong in Social media. The E-newspaper of Hua Hin Today it was one the first online published newspaper in Thailand.
    • With over 200,000 followers in Social media. The newspaper is the main source of advertising in our area huahintoday.com
  • 2004: The group started Regal Thailand Property Company, for the operations, management and the maintenance of Crystal View Projects.
    • Today the company has over 50 maintenance and administration staff, making it one of the largest maintainence companies in Hua Hin.
  • 2009: The group opened the REGAL TRADE, an overseas office in Foshan, China ( a registered, 100% foreign ownership Chinese Trade company) the purpose of opening the new company
    • was to support the needs of importing construction materials to cover the needs of our developments. www.traderegal.com
  • 2010: The group started a joint venture, Black Lotus Resort and Spa, a boutique private Villas Resort & Spa. The resort opened at the end of 2010.
    • 2015 The group took over the venture and changed its name to Lotus Villas & Resort lotushuahin.com
  • 2011: The group introduced a complete new concept for investment or Living, the Lotus Pool Villas, with the first Phase of 47 units sold, lotusvillashuahin.com www.lotusvillashuahin.cn
  • 2011: Opened Bright Stone Investment Limited company in Hong Kong to facilitate the financial needs of the group and in 2018, changed the name to Lotus Development Limited.
  • 2012: Due to the high demand of foreigners interested in investment properties, the Group started a complex of attached apartment “Penthouses” of 38 units. All apartments are now sold.
  • 2016: The group introduced another unique project for investment – Lotus Suites, comprising 42 two-storey units with private pools.
  • 2017: The group opened the second Phase of The Lotus Villas (after the completion of the first phase) Total 95 units


Ennie Pacharaporn (CEO)

Eric Krebs (Public Relations)

Our Mission

Our philosophy defines how we work to deliver exceptional experiences, every single day. Vision: The Park Hua Hin is known for the Extraordinary and Unforgettable ? an Authentic Getaway Experience. Mission: The Park Hua Hin operates luxury villas and residential properties that deliver exceptionally memorable experiences to guests and an excellent level of care and return on investment to owners. The Park Hua Hin’s Motivation: Relationships ? Unity ? Environment. Our unique brand delivers on our company’s core values: Consistency? Expertise ? Awareness. experiences that entice the most sophisticated appetites. And underlying the full experience, expert service delivered with up-to-the-moment precision. Come as you are, and leave at your leisure. The whole resort will pulse throughout your fingertips.


Lotus Villas Hua Hin Club House
Lotus Villas Hua Hin Club House

The advantages of inhabiting The Park Hua Hin residence are limitless. The Park Hua Hin connects people who share the same values surrounding sustainable tourism and feel that inspiring experiences can be had in ecologically built spaces. Our guests, in turn, share delighted stories of time spent at our properties, and in doing so, become our greatest brand ambassadors. Staying at The Park Hua Hin is not only worth it, but you deserve it. Beyond the property and its assets, we value the experience that you the customer will have and the memories you will make. Those moments will have given you a greater appreciation for nature, yourself, and mankind. Our eco-conscious villas are centered on building a lifestyle that allows residents to thrive.

Every detail of these unique residences from the energy saving insulation to the clean engineering devices reflects the distinctive standards of The Park Hua Hin, surrounding guests like you with immeasurable comforts and a true sense of the Hua Hin elegance. We provide uniquely personalized service in a location dedicated to space, refined elegance, and class.

The Park Hua Hin is characterized by a culture of service with a quality of touch, a rich spirit, and a soulful care for all human beings. We are passion about shaping a space that is community-oriented, environment-conscious, and conscientious of the love and wellness within a home. We are intent on reducing the environmental impact while contributing to the community. Thailand’s original beach resort is no discarded island and arguably is the better for it. Instead, it is a delightful mix of city authenticity and sea with an international ambience, energetic markets, tasty street cuisines, long beaches and a fully functional infrastructure.


Lotus Villas Hua Hin main pool
Lotus Villas Hua Hin main pool

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