Who is the developer behind The Park Hua Hin?

The land is owned by the partners of The Park Hua Hin Co., Ltd which is the company that will be building the houses on behalf of our customers. The Park Hua Hin Co., Ltd will be holding/leasing the land to foreign buyers through our flexible ownership structure.

As a foreigner, how can I secure the land?

At The Park Hua Hin we have teamed up with the best law firm in Hua Hin, ACTA Law Firm, and together we have come up with various options for foreigners to secure the land. We can provide the standard 30-year lease; however, we have better options with longer terms than this. Please come and talk to us in our or our lawyer?s office for more details.

Do I as a buyer need a lawyer?

The Park Hua Hin provides our standard contracts made by ACTA Law Firm Hua Hin. We are happy to sit down with either our lawyers or your independent lawyer for review of our contracts and answer any questions you may have.

How much land do you have and intend to sell?

Currently we have 32.000sqm or 20 Rai.

How many villas are you building?

86 villas.

What sizes on the villas do you offer?

We currently offer 5 different villa types. Please see below for a matrix of the sizing. Unit Type Total Build Up Area Internal Living Area External Living Area Oasis 1 160.96 sqm 70 sqm 35.87 sqm Oasis 2 188.68 sqm 89.64 sqm 40.77 sqm Oasis 3 207.58 sqm 92.88 sqm 40 sqm Oasis 4 281.36 sqm 112.21 sqm 67.22 sqm Mirage 310.45 sqm 142.65 sqm 54.93 sqm

What are the facilities you provide?

The Park Hua Hin is not building its own facilities but all buyers will be provided with a life-time membership (as long as you are an owner) of Lotus Villas & Resort. At Lotus Villas & Resorts there are 2 large swimming pools, with 2 more coming in the near future, including a beach area, gym, minimart, games room, restaurant & bars, jogging track, free shuttle service to town. Everything you need for your comfort.

Do you offer a rental program?

Yes owners are able to enter their villas into the already completed and running Lotus Villas & Resort?s hotel program and gain income based on actual rental from the first day. Lotus Villas & Resort offer a 65%/35% split to the owners after deduction of costs. For more information or sample calculations, please ask for more information.

How is electricity and water charged?

All owners have their own water and electricity meter and is billed according to exact use and according to rate from government. The management will normally collect deposit for electricity and water quarterly and deduct based on actual usage.

What is the maintenance fees?

The maintenance fees are 6.000Thb/month. The fees will cover: – 24-hour security
– 24-hour reception
– Free use of common areas (all facilities of Lotus Villas & Resort)
– Free shuttle bus to the city (Four times per day)
– 20% discount in Lotus Villas & Resort?s bar, restaurant, bars, saloon, spa
– Garbage collection
– Cleaning of private swimming pool
– Garden maintenance
– Free Wifi in public areas

What is the sinking fund fee?

The sinking fund fee is a one-time fee of 40.000thb. This is a collective fund for the project to to be able to do major repairs or replacements of equipment for the common areas.