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Pool Villas & Suites for Sale and Rent in Hua Hin Thailand

Rental Guarantee: At Lotus Villas & Resort

Penthouse & Lotus Suites

6% annually We provide a fixed 6% net, annual guarantee
Up to five years guarantee We provide five years rental guarantee, with an option to extend.
4 weeks a year free stay You can stay in your property 4 weeks per year (free choice).
Guarantee paid in advance If the owner accepts the guarantee option when buying the property, the total guarantee (6% annual x 5 years = 30% of the sales price) will be deducted from the selling price, (no hidden expenses).
Property & utilities Fees There are no property fees or utilities fees during the rental period.
Other expenses The owner pays 3,000 Thai Baht or 600 RMB or 715 HKD per year to the sinking fund account. The owner pays property fees and utilities only when staying at the property.

Many owners aren’t sure what a rental guarantee scheme really means.  Many believe it’s merely some sort of insurance policy; but it’s far more than that. This is the ultimate way to achieve ‘hassle free’ tenancy. At Lotus Villas & Resort, we take the stress out of managing your property and ensure you receive fixed yearly payments even if your property is not rented. We offer up to 5 years guaranteed rent and will manage every aspect of the tenancy during this period.  No monthly fees, commissions or hidden surprises to pay.

This is much easier for owners compared to other arrangements.  It’s a contractual agreement between both parties.  We take care of everything; ensuring owners have complete peace of mind. Our rent guarantee scheme is for owners looking for security to ensure they receive rental payments.

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How Our Service Works at Lotus Villas & Resort

There are a number of advantages the Rental Guarantee Scheme offers to owners in comparison with private tenancy.  This is an assured scheme for any length of tenancy.

  • Your Property will list direct to the hotel booking system.
  • You can book your own week direct to the booking system of the resort.
  • We deal with any issues directly with the tenant to resolve problems at all stages of the tenancy.
  • We maintain the property during the term of the contract. Private tenants are less likely to repaint or repair the property.
  • We will take care of evictions when required. Evicting private tenants is a very expensive and time-consuming experience.
  • We will cover all utility and energy bills or your behalf.
  • You pay the fees and utilities only during your stay at your property.

Questions Buyers Never Ask:

Question: Do rental offers by developers include a rental guarantee in the selling price?
Answer: Yes; many developers offer this however our projects approach is different.  Our offer is based on a win-win solution; the rental guarantee is 6% annually. This is secure with only a 30% annually occupancy; any % over this occupancy means that the income is our profit.  Our resort maintains a 65%-80% occupancy rate.

Question: What is the average price per sqm in your Area?
Answer: The average price per sqm in Hua Hin is 50,000 THB for condos away from the ocean to 200,000 THB per sqm in condos close to the ocean (not including furniture). In our project the price per sqm is 41,000 THB, (including all furniture).

Question: How the Project afford to give 6% annual guarantee for 5 years?
Answer: This is a win – win situation, the amount of money we deduct from the sales price, is a part of our profits, by prepaying the rental guarantee. We invest our profits in your property, in return we receive all income from the generated rental income during the 5 years, by investing our profits “IN YOUR PROPERTY”  we also save tax.

Our security in our investment for our Rental Guarantee Plan, is the Lotus Resort. The Resort is already in full operation, and covers all operational cost, such as: reception / club house / management / gardeners / maintenance personal / restaurant / bars etc.  The only additional cost to operate your property is for utilities and maids